About the (ahem) Author…

Sales, fundraising, leadership and faith — the entwined themes of my professional life. I was mostly in sales until 2006 when I decided it was time to leave the tumult of radio broadcasting (I managed three commercial Christian radio stations in Seattle and before that worked for 28 years on the business side of radio as a sales rep and manager) and get into fundraising. Out of the frying pan, so to speak. I’ve been a “person of faith” for more than three decades. And at various times I have been in positions of leadership, both the official kind and the unofficial kind, with varying results.

I’ve worked in both the faith-based and non faith-based environments. I sold a lot of advertising over the years. I’ve raised money face to face, by mail, and on the radio. I’ve run a fundraising department (with marginal success). I’ve worked for the Seattle Symphony in corporate fundraising. I’ve written at least one appeal letter that generated precisely zero response (maybe it’s still at the post office seven years later…). I’ve also had the great joy of seeing events we’ve sweated over come to successful fruition, newsletters we’ve stressed over generate satisfying response, and donors we’ve prayed about come through with generosity beyond our expectations. Like yours, my career has been a mixed bag, but generally I have found it highly rewarding and deeply satisfying. Today I raise funds for Seattle Urban Academy, a remarkable alternative high school in Seattle’s Rainier Valley that I’ll tell you about sometime. Talk about rewarding!

But my resume isn’t the point of Devomania. As a professional fundraiser who is also a person of faith (Christian, to be specific) I am interested in both, so I plan to use this blog as a bulletin board where I can thumbtack my periodic observations about these related topics. If you’re like me (and I know I am) you’ve pondered the relationship between your professional life and the Christian’s profession of faith. And if you’re one or the other but not both (a Christian who is not a fundraiser or a fundraiser for whom faith is not a powerful personal motivation) I hope you’ll find something here, too, and contribute your insights. Our goal is simply to stimulate dialogue, to solve age-old problems that have perplexed humankind for generations, and to usher in a new era of cosmic harmony. Or at least to have fun trying.


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