About the Chief Contributor:

I’ve been a “person of faith” for almost four decades. But as any pilgrim has experienced, the longer one is on the journey — in a sense — the less one “knows.” I’m increasingly certain, but about fewer things. The blessed assurance and the enduring mystery seem intertwined, somehow growing simultaneously.

Or as a good Christian brother put it, “The longer I follow Christ, the fewer hills there are to die on, but the more strongly I feel about those that remain.”

So with a professional background in both faith-based and non faith-based environments, through a career in sales, management, and fundraising, I offer Devomania as a place to share insights and observations. There may even be an epiphany now and then, although I’ve learned the hard way that most of my epiphanies have a “well, duh” quality about them. I tell people about my latest so-called epiphany, and the reaction is often, “Well, duh –you just now figured that out?”  I call them “Well, duh” epiphanies.

I’m a husband, a dad, a grandpa, a brother, a friend, an employee, a neighbor. In all the relationships those words represent, I want to know what it means to more faithfully follow a first century itinerant rabbi whose life could not have been more different from mine, yet who I am called somehow to emulate. I plan to use this blog as a bulletin board where I can thumbtack my periodic observations about my faith journey. Let’s see where this leads.

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