So I’m not really sure where the term “devotions” originated when it comes to talking about one’s personal devotional habit. Usually when those of us in the know talk about “devotions” (plural) we ask things like, “Do you have devotions every morning?” or “What tools do you use in your personal devotions?” Like many jargon-like terms, this one probably sounds odd to the unaccustomed ear.

Regardless of what we call it, I definitely think a daily devotional time is important — to read, to reflect, to pray, to listen to God. So last year for my devotions, I am both proud and chagrined to say that I read through the entire Bible in 2013 — proud (wrong word, I realize) because it is something I have intended to do for eons…chagrined because I just turned 63 and this is the first time I’ve ever done something so basic and important!

Ah, well — remember Zechariah 4:10 — “Do not despise these small beginnings.” But I will say that reading through the entire Bible (even though many passages raise a host of questions) gives one a far greater sense of the arc of Scripture. I chose to start simultaneously in Genesis and Matthew and read both Old and New Testaments each day (2 1/3 pages of one, 3/4 page of the other in the Bible I was using). I just grabbed a pencil and dug in. Finished on December 30th.

So now what? What else? I’m starting over. How about you? Any personal devotional plan or protocol you’d like to share that you’ve found particularly helpful?

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