My Top 3 Resolutions for 2014

A few months ago my wife and I attended a fundraising banquet for a small non-profit. We were eager to go and enjoyed the evening (although I thought the program was about an hour too long, but why quibble?). And when the ask came, we responded and wrote a reasonably sized check — for us, anyway. Less than a thousand dollars but more than a hundred, we’ll say. And it was our first gift to this organization.

What happened in the few days afterward? Nothing. The sound of crickets. To this day, not a note, not a phone call, not even a receipt (yet — I figure they’ll get us one in time for the IRS deadline this month). It has been at least two months, and nothing.

Now don’t misunderstand. I wasn’t expecting a brass band or a weepy thank-you call from the person in charge. And I realize this is a VERY small organization, so their infrastructure is probably minimal…or less. But come on, people. When a new donor makes a first gift, a thank you is in order…a note, an acknowledgment, something.

I do plan to talk to the organization and tell them of our experience, but more importantly I’ve been reflecting on my own fundraising modus operandi. How am I in the gratitude department? So after careful contemplation I’ve come up with my Top 3 Resolutions for 2014. I hope they help you as much as I expect they’ll help me. They are, in order:

1. Say thank you.

2. Say thank you.

3. Say thank you.

Got any resolutions you want to add?

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