Is the Air Going Out of Your Balloon?

So here we are one week into 2014 and I sense…a little bit of a letdown. Maybe that’s just me, or maybe it’s inevitable.

After all, we in fundraising tend to push, push, push toward Calendar Year End. December! The Holy Grail of months! The make-or-break page on the calendar! So much is riding on these 31 days — we strategize, we plan, we execute, we measure, we compare. We watch the tally for this gift or that. We call, we ask, we match. Your gift doubled through the end of the year! The countdown has begun! The ball is about to drop!

And then…it’s done. The year is ended. Oh, sure, some gifts trickle in, maybe some important ones — but the build-up is over, the anticipation is behind us, the results are in. We sweep up the confetti, fill in the spreadsheet, and turn the page. It’s January. Suddenly the urgency is gone, but the importance remains. Much to do, but without the sharp clarity of a hard deadline, I feel I lack some of the energy I had only a few short days ago.

I know, it’s temporary. Some of the air may have gone out of the balloon for a few days, but we’ll get that sucker pumped up again! How about your balloon — is it a little bit flat? Or do you have a solid January Strategy to avoid the post-December slump? How do you give January some of that December punch? Love to hear your ideas!

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