Why Devomania?

Devomania started out as “reflections on fundraising and faith.” Then it became “sales, fundraising and faith.” Now it encompasses “leadership” as well. Isn’t that a pretty big net, you ask? Absolutely! But that’s part of the fun of a blog, isn’t it — making connections where they don’t necessarily seem obvious.

First, the name: in my professional life my colleagues and I use the term “Devo” a lot. “Devo” means “development” as in “I work for the Devo department.”  “Devo” also means “devotions” (plural intended), as in “For my devo this morning I will share from the book of Romans.” Putting those together I came up with “Devomania” and I use it because, well, I like it. Enough explanation.

Fundraising and sales are clearly linked. Fundraising, sales and faith should go hand in hand. But sometimes the realities of our fundraising/sales profession and our “faith profession” exist in uneasy alliance. It’s precisely that balance that Devomania exists to discuss. As for leadership, well…it’s something we all practice and something that affects us all. Over the years, just like you, I’ve observed terrific leaders and terrible leaders, and it’s fun to kick around what makes them that way.

If you’re a person of faith who sells or raises funds for a living, or if you’re a man or woman in leadership (or who aspires to be) I hope some of what we share here will resonate. Let’s kick around some ideas and share some insights, and some challenges. Join the conversation.


2 responses to “Why Devomania?

  1. Ken Draper

    March 21, 2014 at 9:26 am

    Tony – Just saw this on LinkedIn. Didn’t know you were writing a blog. Good stuff!

  2. Steve Geho

    May 20, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    As I read, I “hear” your voice, humor and wisdom. Thanks Tony sharing what is on your mind.


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